The AAA-ICDR Administrative Fee Calculator calculates estimated administrative fees for cases under the AAA® Commercial Rules, AAA Construction Rules, and ICDR® International Procedures. To view all fee schedules, clickhere.
For all international cases, as determined by the AAA–ICDR, the International Fee Schedule shall apply. In general, an arbitration is international if the parties are from different countries or if the subject matter of the dispute is situated outside the country of one of the parties.
The AAA-ICDR offers parties two options for the payment of administrative fees under these rules: The Standard Fee Schedule and the Flexible Fee Schedule. For both schedules, administrative fees are based on the amount of the claim or counterclaim and are to be paid by the party bringing the claim or counterclaim at the time the demand or claim is filed with the AAA-ICDR. Arbitrator compensation and expenses are not included in either schedule. Unless the parties’ agreement provides otherwise, arbitrator compensation, expenses and administrative fees are subject to allocation by an arbitrator in an award. Calculations are based on the current administrative fee schedules and do not include Additional Party Fees, arbitrator compensation or expenses. Please review the fee schedule for the rules applicable to your case for complete information.
**IMPORTANT: See the applicable Fee Schedule for more information. The administrative fee calculations are solely based on the information you enter. If, upon review of your arbitration filing, the AAA-ICDR determines that different rules or a different fee schedule applies, you may be charged a different amount than stated in this calculator. Beginning October 1, 2017, AAA will apply the Employment Fee Schedule to any dispute between an individual employee or an independent contractor (working or performing as an individual and not incorporated) and a business or organization and the dispute involves work or work-related claims, including any statutory claims and including work-related claims under independent contractor agreements.
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